The safest route to Hell is the gradual - the delicate slope, the smooth floor, no sharp curves, no landmarks, no signs. This comes from CS Lewis, the British author, about the summer holidays and the opportunity they offer us to stop the routine and discover new ideas. Here are some sketches of what could be a way forward from September!

Excel formulas are a very versatile feature and allow you to combine other formulas within a main formula. The purpose of using these combined formulas is to facilitate calculations. However, these formulas become more difficult to read and understand as they become more "complex".

A company data-driven is a company that supports its business processes and makes its decisions based on data analysis, or translating to the letter, is a data-driven company.

Many companies have changed their financial function paradigm and this is mainly due to technological developments. This evolution allows us to keep pace with a more global, more decentralized and more shared world. Today, the financial function has a more strategic and central role within organizations. If in the past this was not the case, the amount of information and the need to decide more quickly led the financial function to adjust to business information technologies in order to create value for business and help companies maintain it.

Power BI Desktop is one of the 3 elements that make up the Power BI. The other two are the Power BI Service and the Power Bi Mobile. Power BI is used to transform data, which can be improved by modeling them, and presenting them in visual forms that make it easier to read and understand them.

Excel Online has a useful tool for when we need to make a form. Given the simplicity and ease of construction, the "Forms" can be a feature to take into account.